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 So, ive tried every bottom-feeder mod...

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So, ive tried every bottom-feeder mod... Empty
PostSubject: So, ive tried every bottom-feeder mod...   So, ive tried every bottom-feeder mod... EmptyWed Nov 23, 2011 2:34 pm

Hello all. So, my first bottom feeder was the Juice Box, great little mod, flavor was better than anything ive tired but the switch died and they no longer made them so, i bought the Ali Journeyman. The Journeyman is great, bigger but thats ok. The flavor lacked no matter what atty I tired and the feed tube was larger than most limiting my atty choices. Next I tired the Revolution V2. It looks good and i like the idea of a rechargeable all-in-one but it didnt like LR addys and I need the throat hit, lol.

So, I contacted Zach here and made my order. From what I can see its a well improved upon design to the Juice Box, adding an indicator light, an external(not internal like the Juice Box) cut off switch and from some of the pictures ive scene, a catch tray on the top. I ordered before i fully went over the site so im assuming it will come without the sweet paint job but this is just order number 1 and at a third the price of any other bottom feeder ill likely order a couple of spares.

Once Ive got my hands on it ill let everyone know but im excited about it enough to write a pre-use review. Look for the post-use review here, youtube and the ecig forums.

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So, ive tried every bottom-feeder mod...
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